This is the Kanopi downloadable production schedule

Last updated 19 Jan 2022, valid until 26 Jan 2022 09:00

  • Each client is assigned a number corresponding to their date of deposit.
  • Canopies will be supplied in order of dates.
  • We are committing to the production of 9 canopies per day. Therefore your number may be divided by 45 to give you an approximate fitment date. For example 270/45 = 6weeks.
  • We will do our best to manufacture more canopies than what we are committing to, but this will give you the worst case scenario on fitment date.
  • Should you have a holiday commitment, you may provide us with proof, whereby we will assist in giving you a canopy in time.
  • Should you have an urgent necessary requirement, you may supply us with a motivation for receiving a canopy with priority.
  • The production schedule will be updated weekly and each week you will receive a new fitment number. You will be able to track your progress in such a way.
  • There are various clients with the same name. If you have a namesake, your name will be followed by a (01) or an (02) Eg. Koos(01) and Koos(02)
  • If you have a namesake, please verify your name by your deposit date.
  • This schedule will supersede any previous commitments.
  • Although we are opening on the 12th of Jan 2022 and will start with production, our production lines will only be operating at full capacity on Monday the 16th of Jan 2022 (so start counting from Monday only).

This list contains only your name and surname/dealer name and no other personal information. This list is used purely for updating you, the client, on the progress of your fitment date and is not used for any other means within Kanopi and will not be distributed to 3rd party companies/entities for database building. This list contains no contact details if a 3rd party company/entity should download it. Your information is safe and secure with us according to the POPIA.